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Thursday, 27 September 2018

How To Style Same Lehnga Skirt In Two Different Ways?

Hello Ladies!
How are you all?
Well, the festive season is around the corner and we all love to dress up. So here I am with a few ideas of how we can style one lehnga in two different ways.
I have this old brocade lehnga which I bought from Jaipur just for Rs.300, and it was just the shirt part, so I thought that I can mix and match it with something and make a new dress out of it.
So, the first look I created was a perfect mix of beautiful and bright colours and turned out to be my husband’s favourite look.

I used an old silk sleeveless blouse that has gotta patti work at its back with an old fuchsia pink colour tissue dupatta. Teamed it up with a Hyderabadi pearl necklace and matching earrings and pink and purple handmade thread bangles. 

For makeup, I’ve done nothing much, just Ponds BB cream, eye liner and a Gosh Lipstick. I’ve tied my hair taking from the front in a very simple way for this simple look.

For the second look, I’ve teamed up the brocade lehnga with this gold beige kurti that I owned from a long time and had never worn it. The kurti has gotta patti work on it and the work is red in colour. I had this bandhej silk heavy dupatta to go with the kurti. The dupatta is red and orange in colour and has red,pink and golden gotta patta work on the border.

The make up is the same but the jewellery here is from Malabar Gold, Dubai. It’s a simple and very light chain set with matching earrings and a long pearl chain necklace.

Just like this, you can create other looks with your dresses that you have already worn for some time and now wish to do or create something new with those. Explore your ethnic collection. As Indian women, we all have different type of blouses, skirts, lehngas and a wide range of dupattas. Try experimenting with the collection you have and I’m sure you will find and create something unique that you can call your own.

As I told you already, that I’m expecting our second child, these dresses are pregnancy friendly. The first option is very light in weight and is very breathable and the kurti option is also quiet comfortable to wear, you can certainly avoid wearing the dupatta or style it up with a lighter one as per your choice and convenience.

Tuesday, 25 September 2018

MIA ! Latest Update from my LIFE !!!!

Hello everyone!!
I know, long time no see. I’ve been a little busy in enjoying my early stage of pregnancy.
YES!! I’m expecting another one early next year, and we three are super excited about it. Well, some of you already know it from my Instagram posts, where I shared a few office wear ideas for moms to be.

Pregnancy is treating me just as I want it to, yes, I’m feeling amazing this time too. Fortunately, I don’t have any morning sickness at any time of the day, which is such a relief as last time, but I do have some sort of smell issues. If I don’t like a smell, I end up in the washroom making all sorts of weird sounds and noises.
Its so funny that this time there are no food cravings, though I do like some spicy and chatpata food items but nothing major unlike last time where I was hogging on Choco bar ice cream resulting in increased sugar in my body.
I’m feeling more powerful this time compared to last time, may be because I’m prepared for it or may be because I know the drill.
Everyone stresses on the exercise and pregnancy workout I should be focusing on, and yes, I am taking care of that too. I’m managing everything except cooking by myself, that includes cleaning, dusting, moping and tidying up the kitchen, managing Kavya with her school and Kunal, basically everything but cooking the dinner.
I get tired soon, but I feel doing things on my own keeps me motivated and active throughout the day. It is, believe me in every way a good workout for me.

Currently, I’m in my fifth month of pregnancy and can’t wait for the time to come where I can hold my baby. Kavya is super excited too, she puts her ears on my tummy and listens to the baby, kisses it several times in a day and keeps telling me that the baby is missing her so much…
Its super cute to see the bond that she is developing with the unborn sibling
I’m very happy to share this news with you all and will keep you posted with all the updates.
Thanks for reading! Bye!

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

Online Shopping Experience With VanityKart.Com

I just came back from my so called vacation from India, and because of the travel not just my body, my skin was also suffering. I looked dull and powerless. For those who do not know, it rains in most parts of North India at this time of the year. The weather is humid , there is pollution. I started realizing it while I was in India just by looking into the mirror,but there was nothing much I did there to improve my condition.

Coming back I knew I had to do something to rejuvenate my skin and get back to normal. I did a few DIY face masks but it was too slow and I don't have that patience you know. I wanted something that works through the night like a serum. And we are all familiar with the sheet masks.

 Always excited to reach out for new launches, products, services and of course places from where I can shop ( I know you are with me on this 😄 )

Recently I tried a new online shopping website "VanityKart.com". The company caters to all the fashion needs of a woman and is exclusive for women, #Internetforwomen as they call it. The website offers fashion, , beauty, health and wellness products and services to us women.

So I searched for skin care on the site, and I found a wide range of face sheet masks available. Though there was no discount on it, I found the prices as per market standards, and the delivery was promised in two working days, so all good.I choose seven masks. and placed my first order with https://vanitykart.com/

Soon after placing the order I get a call from their team to confirm the order, and done.

Next day I got the order, which is the funniest part of the entire experience, I'll tell you why?
Don't we all get excited when the door bell rings and you know that its your delivery that you were waiting for, it's like a gift for yourself from yourself, you what I mean right. But this time I saw the delivery guy more excited than I was. He was all this Hello Ma'am, than you for shopping, with the biggest smile he had. Well, its always nice to see people smiling to you but this scene made me laugh and so the delivery guy also starts to laugh , leaving my husband wondering... " why is my wife laughing with an unknown guy ??

Anyways he gets his work done signature and all leaving me with the questions my husband had... ( Yeah ! he was home, so he knew I shopped yet again)

What is it ?  What have you ordered ? Is there something for me too???
Ignoring his questions with a smile, I opened the my courier. It comes in a plastic bag with all the your details and storage instructions on it and inside is the actual package.

So quickly opened the box, and looking at the box I realized there is something that I did not order ...

Its was a Vipera lipstick. Opening the paper wrap, I found my face sheet masks and one more thing I did not order ???
Whats going on ?

I called the team and inform them about the error, to which they said one lipstick is complimentary (YAY!!) and for the other one they asked me to send the picture of what all have i received.

Next day a reverse pickup was arranged and I was delivered my missing mask. I had no hassle with the team to make them understand what happened. And the process of return was flawless.
So now that I have all my face masks, I've started my skin care routine and my night time routine, which I will share very soon.

I loved the Purederm Aleo Collagen Mask. Its just amazing ( stay in touch for the review).

Laughter, confusion, happiness - this was my overall experience with Vanitykart.com and I rate them 4 of 5.

Lastly, one thing if the VanityKart team is reading.. Can you like get the stuff delivered when the husbands are not around.. like in the afternoon after all its #internetofwomen !! (Hope they get my point 😁

Monday, 6 August 2018

My First Influenster VoxBox - Max Factor Eye Make-Up

OMG !! Who doesn't like free products delivered at the door steps ?  Well, this time returning from my vacation in India a beautiful surprise was waiting for me.It is a complimentary box that I got to try and test the products. My husband told me while I was in India that Influenster Box is here but he did not open it.

When I opened it, I found three eye make up products in the box, Masterpiece Nude Palette 03 Rose Nudes, Dark Magic Mascara and Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner- being my favorite.

Without any delay I opened the packaging and tried the liner and mascara.
The application of the liner was a little difficult for me as I'm not used to the wand but the eyeliner delivers what it promises, it is a 100% waterproof product with deep black color and stays on eyes for long.
The mascara was a big surprise to me as it gave my lashes such volume and there were no lumps, I personally do not like lumpy eye lashes, for me all the lashes need to be separate.

The Rose Nude Palette has eight colours, which includes matte and shimmer colours. The pigmentation is superb, it leaves good amount of product on the lids to work up on. The only thing I did not like is a little fall out that I had at the time of blending. The palette has a variety of soothing colors.

Overall I like, not just like, I love all three products, mascara being my favorite.  

Tuesday, 17 April 2018

What Am I Doing To Overcome The Depression In My Life ?

It has been weeks that I have written anything, life has been busy with family, work and what not.  It has been busy in past few months of my life and was little difficult too.
With a full-time job, I have major responsibilities at home too, with my husband’s parents living with us and a toddler of my own. It gets tough when you have no time for your own and feel over burdened with responsibilities along with your husband, we handle the financials together but rest everything is mostly my job.
Considering my health and the situation I’ve made a tough decision of quitting my job and taking a break for some time. Yes, I’m unable to do this multitasking, call me whatever, but this time I have made my decision and I’m not guilty. What I was guilty about was that I’m unable to give time to my husband and daughter, as I’m always busy doing something or the other household chores all the time, except for cooking everything was on me, and if I tell you the truth I love doing my things by myself. I appreciate a little help but do not accept the fact that someone else does my responsibilities. I like to wash and dry my clothes, iron them, I like to clean my room, feed my child, play with her, give her a bath. But gradually, my body just gave up taking all this. This job took most of my time and most of all my energy. I used to come home exhausted and mostly with a head ache, sometimes because of my stress, heat or just continuous screen starring.
After a long day at work I was unable to give time to my daughter and my husband, they mean the world to me. I was exhausted all the time and was not willing to go out anywhere or do any fun family activities.
From a happy and joyous mother, I became a sad and tired mother and wife. A lot of people have seen that drastic change in my life and pointed that out to me. By this time, I had noticed the change in myself and wondered what I have become, I was a happy person, and most of all a people’s person. I had stopped talking to people with whom I could chat for hours. I stopped calling my parents frequently and got under depression. I experienced one or two panic attacks at work too, which made me feel that, that was it, I cannot take this anymore.
I do not want a life like this for myself. I want a life where I’m happy with my family. I never imagined my life like this. Past one year had taught me that for you to be happy in life our body should support us. I cannot work without giving my body enough rest. This constant tiredness made my life miserable.
Finally, after speaking to my husband, we both decided that I should quit my job and take a break for some time. The decision itself has made some positive impact on me. I’m serving my notice period now and will be relieved by next week.
I’m happy and excited at the same time with the fact that I can now be with my girl and give her all the love and attention she needs and was missing all this time.
I’m now starting a new life with my family and I feel relaxed. That is what matters to us the most.

Thursday, 29 March 2018

Why I Stopped Blogging and How I Restarted in 2016?

When I started blogging, it was a new concept to me, I had never written anything before, but I tried writing a diary when I was in school but threw it away, it was a written emotional roller coaster ride in there.
I started in 2012, when I had joined an online business and I was asked to write about the latest trends, Bollywood celebrities, what they wore at events, what we are offering to our customers, look book articles for their business website.
I enjoyed it at that time and decided that I will start a blog where I can share things that interest me and what I like to share with others. It was then when Kirti.mathur came into existence. I loved writing but only when I had time, I was not at all consistent with my posts, not that I am now, but still. After a few months I quit that job and I joined Fabindia in Delhi, which made my life busier. I travelled some parts of the country as part of my job profile, so hardly had any time to write, though a lot of ideas came to my mind and I wanted to share but just couldn’t.
Life changed when we got to know that I’m expecting a baby soon and we are moving to Abu Dhabi soon. I enjoyed my pregnancy, I’ve written a post about my experience. Then we both got busy with settling down in a new place with our infant. Never did someone tell me that life can be so busy with a child. We were exhausted most of the times and blogging was nowhere in my mind.
Slowly things got better and we got used to the life with a child and we learnt how to handle things. It is the time when I started to read a lot of articles online and I was wiling to come back to my old blog which by the way was 2 years old and was untouched. So, I started sharing my organizing ideas and “how-to” articles on my blog.
But still I was not able to give 100% to my page. In 201 itself I got a job and I started working full time again. I had some spare time at work, which I utilized reading blogs by other bloggers some marketing ideas and so on.
This is when I realized that this is a perfect time for a comeback. I started blogging again in 2017, once a month at least. I wanted to take it seriously, which I did. I created an Instagram account and started posting there.
The only reason I came back to my old blog and restart it was the feel that I get after writing. I wanted to write, I wanted to share my ideas. Till that time, I was just sharing things with few friends over a chat or a phone call.
My old friends also helped me in boosting my confidence and bringing me back to writing, I’m unable to find words to explain how thankful I am to Aruna, Charu and Ruchika, who have shown so much of confidence in me. I love these three girls.
So, I;m back with my blogs and I’m extremely happy to write, it takes my tensions away for some time. And let me tell you I’m enjoying more than ever and from here I am not going back.

How is it like to be a tourist in your hometown?

Hi all,
I’m from Jaipur, Rajasthan. After my wedding I had to leave Jaipur with a very heavy heart. It was not easy for me to leave a city where I’ve grown up, did my school, college, had friends, people knew me... basically, was the don of the place.
Jaipur has changed a lot from when I remember it from. The infrastructure is different, the youth looks different from our time, the prices of things have gone up drastically. Mostly everything had changed except for the heritage and tourist places. Of course, these places are now much more clean and attractive and as per the tourists standards. But there is not a major change. At least that’s what I thought. But wait. We have also changed a lot.
Living in Dubai for almost 4 years has changed us so much, the appearance, way we talk, body language, everything has changed.
For the first time ever, this time in Jaipur I felt like a tourist. For this visit my husband chose to take a few pictures of the historical monuments, the lakes, elephants, camels and all other major attractions we have in Jaipur.
So here we are, woke up early morning and got ready for Nahargarh fort to see the famous sun rise. On our way we stopped by Jal Mahal,we reached there with two of our cousins. Took some amazing stills there.

And then later we headed towards Nahargarh. Jaipur looked the same from the top of the hill where Nahargarh is located. 

The place reminds us of our college days when we used to bunk and hide, have chai (I’m not a beer fan) and samosa. I just could not stop smiling and recalling and sharing the stories with my husband. Little he knew about my college life and the gang.

While returning we stopped at the Amber fort and visited the Amba Mata temple.

 Amber fort is beautiful. All the jharokhas, windows and balconies are beautifully maintained. We could hear nagadas and shehnaayi from one of the balconies, which added to the look and overall feel of the fort. My daughter saw elephants for the first time from that close. The beauty of the fort is its elephants. They are decorated with designs on their bodies with different colors, walking one behind the other, picking up two at a time and dropping them at the other station. All the tourists who come here climb the fort on the backs of elephants as it is built on a mountain we took our car from the back-side entry.  The fort was freshly painted and very well maintained.
After we finished, while returning to our car, a group of local vendors approached us and started pitching us the handmade paintings, carved elephants, puppets and handmade umbrellas. Oh! they were so beautiful. Let me be very frank with you all, I’ve grown up seeing all this and still it fascinated me so much so that I ended up buying 5 handmade paintings, but I had not forgotten to bargain, so got a decent deal. For the first time ever, I felt like a tourist in my own city.

Hungry by then we had breakfast a local snack shop, Jaipur is famous for kadhi-kachori, so we ordered that along with jalebi, samosas and chai. After a long time, we enjoyed road side food actually standing on the footpath.

Jaipur has a lot to offer to the tourists, what I shared is just 10 percent of it. Over all it was beautiful and amazing to go to the memory lane after more than 7 years. It was also funny to experience the feel of being a tourist in my own city and the expressions of the vendors when we told them that we belong here were priceless.

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Friday Special Chicken Schezwan !!

Hello ladies,
What should I cook today is one of the most irritating question we face every day. Am I right?
We have to keep in mind the choice of all the family members. My husband is a very picky eater, he like things that are either traditional dishes or very fancy ones.
So, I thought of making something that everyone loves in our family, the Indian style Chinese food.
I made schezwan sauce at home and served it with veggies and chicken.
I’m sharing one of my favorite recipes today with you, hope you find it worth a try.

For Schezwan sauce:

  • 7-8 fresh red chilies (paste)
  • 2-3 medium sized tomatoes (not sweet ones and make in paste form)
  • 1.5 tea spoon soy sauce
  • 1.5 tea spoon white vinegar
  • Salt and black pepper to taste
  • 5-6 garlic clove (paste)
  • 2 table spoon olive oil 

For Veggies / Chicken:
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Mushrooms
  • Baby corn
  • Corn
  • Broccoli
  • Red pepper
  • Yellow pepper
  • Capsicum
  • Green Beans
  • Chicken breast ( cut into small pieces )

For Cooking the sauce:
Heat oil in a pan, add the garlic paste. Sauté it for a minute and then add the red chilly paste, tomato paste, salt and pepper. After the oil separates add soy sauce and vinegar. Keep stirring it till it is cooked. You may add red color to add some more color to it (totally optional, I did not).

For Veggies / chicken:
I steamed carrots, baby corn, corns, broccoli and chicken breast and in little oil sautéed the remaining veggies. Do not completely cook, just sauté them for 3-4 minutes.
Once the veggies are steamed and sautéed, mix the schezwan sauce and stir well.

This can be served with steamed rice or noodles.
You may add peri-peri sauce to increase the spice level. Also, do not over steam the chicken breast, we need to keep it juicy and tender.

Hope you found it easy and a solution to one day. So, give it a try this Friday and share your and your family views on the same.

Monday, 20 November 2017

Keeping it Light & Fit!

Hello Ladies!
For many people we meet these days eating healthy is a habit, these are people from our office, we go for meetings or just friends. We see a lot of people who are introducing eating healthy in their daily lives.
I had lost few kgs in a span of two months. I followed simple tricks that help me in my daily routine to keep me hydrated and keeping my hunger pangs in control.
I’ll share what I do on daily basis:
I start my day at 6 in the morning and hit the kitchen. With all my cooking going on I stretch a bit and drink one big glass of warm water with lemon & ginger (you may add honey, personally I’m not a fan of honey)
By 8:45 I reach office, and there I have my breakfast. I usually eat 2 eggs omelet cooked with onion, tomatoes and mushrooms and ghee or olive oil and have a cup of milk coffee.
Then by 10:30 or 11:00 I drink one cup of green tea. Green tea helped me with my bloating issues I used to face. It releases all the gas in my body which, trust me is such a relief.
Then by 1: 30 I eat my home cooked lunch. It usually has one vegetable 2 chapatis and very little portion of rice.
At 3:00, I drink one green tea again followed by my bowl full of fruits. I eat all the seasonal fruits. At this time of the year I get apples, bananas, plums, grapes, strawberries, blueberries and kiwi. Some good days I bring avocados.
In between if I like, I eat one piece of mathri or biscuit. But I like to keep it to only one piece, followed by one cup milk coffee.
Then by 7:30 we do our dinner. We are early eaters and sleepers. It just helps us to wake up fresh the next morning.
I have been following this routine since past month and I must say I feel lighter, not in terms of weight, but the overall healthy feeling.
Since mine is a desk job, I keep visiting the washroom often to stretch my arms and back. It just helps in the blood circulation of the body which keeps me fresh throughout.

After all, not everything is about the weight, sometimes it’s about feeling happy and fit.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

DIY Aluminium Foil Frame

Hello everyone!
I can’t emphasis enough how much we all ladies love to decorate our homes and what better than making something yourself and grabbing all the attention and appreciation.
So, I’m back with a tutorial this time. Today I will be showing you how you can use home aluminum foil and transform it into a master piece made by you.
Things you need:
·         Home Aluminum foil
·         Black chart sheet
·         A pair of scissors
·         Stick glue
·         A big frame (you may use reuse an old one available at your home)
So, let’s start:
First, take a long piece of the foil and cut it using the cutter available with the packing. Start folding it inside and outside, each fold should be at least an inch thick.
Using a pencil, start drawing leaf shapes on the foil close to each other. Utilize the full sheet as much as you can. The leaf shape doesn’t need to be exact same.
Then cut the leaves. Separate the leaves from each other. You have reached half way.
You need to cut the craft sheet to the size of the frame, to achieve best result, use the back-cardboard of the frame to draw lines on the sheet and cut it into the exact same size.
Now on the black chart sheet, using a pencil put some dots from where you wish to start your art work and where you want to finish. Using the same foil cut a small circle shape for the center of the flower.
Now we will start putting the leaves on the chart sheet using the glue stick. Do not worry if the foil gets crumbled. First paste the circle a little towards the end, and then paste the leaves around it. You can stop where ever you like. I personally liked half sheet filled and rest blank black.
Once you finish pasting the leaves let it dry for at least an hour. After it dries, put the craft sheet in the frame, and you have your hand made master piece done.

You can put in in any room of your choice on a plain wall. Hope you liked the idea and it inspired you to do something creative.
P.S. You can use any other colored sheet or gift wrapping paper instead of the aluminum foil.